UKB Marketing Ltd

Founded December 2017, UKB Marketing is a family-owned digital marketing agency based in Bournemouth, UK.

We work with clients across several industries to increase their revenue through digital advertising.

We operate based on three core values:

1) Results: We’re a results-based digital agency. We understand there’s no value in working with an agency that’s costing you money month on month without any return on that investment.

2) Integrity: We only work with clients we feel are a good fit and that we can significantly increase their revenue as a direct result of working with us.

3) Commitment: Commitment is key, without it there’s no chance of overcoming obstacles and ultimately delivering a satisfactory result. As an agency, we’re committed to our clients, the services we offer and our business.

At UKB Marketing we’ve stayed away from offering every service possible in the social media marketing industry. Instead, we offer the core digital marketing services that will have the biggest revenue-driving effect on your business or personal brand. To see what services we offer, please click here

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